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Photo Masking Services

Photos are often referred to as silent salesmen as far as business is concerned. It is often seen that products that have better advertisements are better able to sell in the market. The better sales is due to the fact that they are able to attract the customers by catching their attention. These photos are often seen to be used in pamphlets, posters, brochures and many other mediums. The great impact that these advertisements leave on the general populace makes it increasingly important for the companies to get pictures that are well edited and appropriate for the product.

Photo Masking Services

With the help of the photo masking service, perfection can be easily transmitted to these photos. Various ways are used to enhance and improve the quality of the picture and hence to make it suitable for its purpose. In this procedure, there is removal of the non-required elements such as hair, furniture, and other things. This feature is very user friendly as it can be undone with just a few clicks as all the changes that are done are done on a separate layer and no on the main photograph.

There are many different kinds of masks that are present, for plain backgrounds, channel mask is preferred and for the retention of the pictures of high-refined quality, it is very important that an alpha mask is used. The main purpose behind the use of a layer is concealment. At first, the basic editing of the images are done and after that the contrast is added. After that, the duplicate is made and is set to multiple, for masking. For fast effects a quick mask can be used, but it cannot be compared to the detailed work done by the editors and professional graphic designers which is a better solution.

What we offer in Photo/Image masking

  • Clipping path with white background
  • Clipping path with customized colorization
  • Clipping path with shadow
  • Clipping path for color separation
  • Clipping path with resize
  • Clipping path with combination

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