Understanding Everything about the Panoramic Stitching

Have you ever wondered how the wide-angle photos would have been taken? I bet you would have but certainly, you could not reach the final conclusion. Bother not, this blog shall explain things the quickest.

Image Stitching

If you see any of the wide-angle image and see how they have been captured then it is pretty simple, it is through the Panoramic Image Stitching in India. It is the editing technique where short images are repeated and stitched together to make a bigger one. Moreover, there could be any horizontal, vertical, circular, and full frame image.

What are the benefits of panoramic image stitching?

There are a lot of benefits of image stitching and a few of them are-

• It helps in taking the wide-angle photographs that are not possible in single shots.
• It helps the wildlife photographers and realtors that want a single long shot without much of the efforts.
• The real estate peoples are also benefited, who want to give their customers and 360-degree view but could not give in a single shot.
• This type of stitching also helps the eCommerce website too where good shots of products are to be given.

What are the work to be done while performing the stitching?

• Taking care of horizontal images and sewing them.
• Colour combination and modifying them if needed.
• Removal of unwanted components from the image and hiding them.
• Aligning and placing the objects.
• Filtering the images.
• Cropping and fixing the images.

So, I hope, this way you must have been clear with the topic.

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