A Retrospective View of Photo Masking Services

Photo Masking also knew as Image Masking involves techniques involving extracting from an image or photographs through digital technology its unnecessary background, but ensuring that the shape of the image remains untouched. Image masking enhances the quality of an image or photograph and helps to restore some of the perceived qualities of the original picture.

Photo Masking Services plays a crucial role when there is a need to create a different background of the concerned image or photograph for giving different look for catching the attention or concentration of the audience or the clients of an organization using photomasking services.

Photo masking services are very technical in nature all the way from observing the picture for its masking needs and then implementing the tools provided by the software like the Adobe Photoshop. With the help of photomasking services, photographers or photo masking service providers or firms can easily decrease their photo capturing costs in the form of traveling costs such as going to the client’s place to get the desired background.

Photo masking services are advantageous when compared with other technologies such as clipping path (which is another photo editing technique) is no longer an option when the subject (image) that needs to be selected has so much detail such as fur or hair where this technique (clipping path) becomes very hard to use.

However, photo masking technique can be applied in combination with the clipping path technique to remove or replace the background of an image or photograph.

Categories/ Types of Photo Masking Services – An Overview

There are usually four types or categories of photomasking services depending upon the client requirements for the image or photograph. Each of the categories of photomasking technique has been described in brief herein below-

  • Layer Masking –

In this type of photomasking category, masks are applied directly to the layer using soft and refined edge with a pen tablet

  • Alpha Channel Masking-

Alpha channel masking involves removal of background or extracts the main image to save it in an alpha channel that gives an opportunity to edit the file anytime.

  • Fur and Hair/Flesh Masking

This category of the photomasking technique is quite laborious due to the fact that the hair of flesh images has many soft edge curves and thinner line area.

  • Transparent Object Masking-

This type of photomasking technique involves removing the background from the transparent or translucent objects yet retaining the originality of the image. Images like glasses, sun-glass, thin plastic product packets, bottles, fabrics etc are images under this category.

The photomasking specialist teams work on huge volumes of images to bring in the desired look as per the requirement of their clients.

How real estate photo editing services help to sell your properties?

Professional real estate photo editing contains a wide range of services which can drastically increase the number of customers to your real estate business. A good picture speaks a million words in creating a positive impression about the property to the customer. A clear image automatically attracts people because no one would be interested in watching a dull or faded image.

Editing can easily make an image look perfect with some basic processes. Real estate business relies heavily on photographs of the properties that is why you need to ensure a steady stream of high-quality images on a daily basis. 69% of the consumers believe that the quality product image  is “extremely important” in order for them to understand and purchase a product. A perfect image builds credibility and respectability. It is easier for people to trust a business which shows genuine product pictures.

Some of the main Image Editing Services:-

Editing can compress large size images into smaller ones for faster web page loading. There are infinite advantages of photo editing for your real estate business. There are multiple services you can choose from and can transform your dull image into an appealing one.

  • Background change
  • Correction of hue and saturation
  • Addition and removal of texts/objects
  • Correcting horizontal and vertical perspective distortions
  • Photo retouching
  • Colour cast removal
  • Sky replacement
  • Perspective adjustment
  • Photo stitching
  • Colour enhancement
  • Image clipping

Real estate photo editing services help in property selling

The expectations of property buying customers have gone up sky high. So, the real estate photo editors can do miracles and makes the images of the property look perfect. They work to ensure that you grab the best deal. A professional real estate editor will undoubtedly produce a solid foundation via editing that is necessary to produce great images of the property.

So, now as you know the importance and benefits of image editing in real estate business, you can take the decision by yourself. These services are provided by infinite companies and can be easily found online. Outsourcing a professional real estate image editing services provider can help you to optimize the images for your website in a decent price. Image Editing India can be a great option for your editing needs, as it is one of the best image editing companies in India. They have a team of experts who can manage bulk work easily and can deliver work on time.

Key Benefits of Choosing Photo Editing Services from Professionals

Photos are considered as important as content to describe the motto and subject to the targeted audience. That is why using quality images can make your business’s image in a well-established market. But how can you let your photographs look clearer as well as professional? With the help of photo editing from professional, you can get a colour correction, image retouching and Photo Cutout Services to make your photos look more than an art piece. There are a lot more benefits of choosing photo editing services, which you will find in this article.

Key benefits of photo editing services from professionals

  • Saves your time & effort

If you want to make your images look clearer and subject definer without putting much time and effort, then opt for professional image editing service provider and get your images ready for posting on social media and using on canopy, standee, banner, magazine, etc. advertisements.

  • Increase credibility

The only route to reach a potential audience is through effective marketing. So, if you will make an authentic use of well-edited images, then customers will surely get attracted to your products and services and also start trusting your business. Your business message will be conveyed to the mass with a subject-oriented image in the most appropriate way.

  • Use for multipurpose

You can use a well-edited image for more than one purpose without making any changes. You can make the use of images on social media, banners, newspaper advertisements, catalogues, broachers, etc.  You can build your brand by using the same image many times at various other places. This type of marketing is known as brand recall.

Professional image editing is way more different than the normal editing. It can also be done with the help of expert professional photo editor. A professional photo editor in image editing company focuses on various aspects while editing an image, which is not possible by an unprofessional & less experienced photo editor.

So, portray your business confidently, with the help of professional image editing services. You can opt for Image editing India for best photo cutout services provider , image retouching and colour correctionIt is a leading photo editing service provider in India, which can offer you professional services at an affordable cost. They have a team of experienced photo editors, who will surely help you with the best service.

A Bird’s Eye View of Technologies in Photo Enhancement Services

Photo Enhancement – A Revolutionary Concept

Photo enhancement involves bringing in the technology of editing, retouching features into action to make the images or photographs look gorgeous. Photographs in general, when clicked in natural conditions, take in some features that need to be changed, eliminated, added or modified for improved features. For instance, some images or photos when shot in a close-up frame can appear with faint blemishes or the skin tone of the photographed person may not be appropriate.

Teeth of the concerned photographed person may look yellowish, his or her eyes may look reddish hue, or there may be few unnecessary objects in the background that cannot be avoided when taking the photographs. In such cases, experts or technicians having expertise in photo enhancement services can achieve good results by editing and retouching the photographs or images through digital photo enhancement techniques.

The photo enhancement services gives an added edge to all the images or photographs by imparting clarity through the use of the image editing technology such as the latest filter and adjustment software. Some the available software technologies available for photo enhancement include-

• Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite
• Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud
• Chromatica
• CorelDraw
• KPT (Kai’s Power Tools) etc

These technologies when used with sophisticated infrastructures such as advanced Mac Personal computers, high-resolution monitors, virtual private network and FTPs help in getting the most versatile images or photographs giving a realistic effect of the photos or images. The digital photo enhancement services are in great demand due to the following factors such as-

• For celebrities, actors, models do need photo enhancement services for creating their attractive portfolios

• Graphic designers also use photo enhancement technology in the form of retouching services.

• Social media where photo enhancement services can do wonders as photos are an integral of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr etc.

• Publication firms do need photo enhancement services for the creation of attractive brochures, pamphlets, textbooks and other printing material.

• Manufacturing companies also engage editors for creating sharp and clear images of their machinery with minute technical details as these images are used for training purpose or as design records.

• Professional photographers or freelance photographers working in media do need the services of photo enhancement to provide better quality images or photos to their customers or clients.

By using the latest photo enhancement technology digital photos of any format or type like JPG, PDF, BMP and TIF can be converted without any compatibility issues with the photo editing software playing a crucial role.