An Overview of Advances in Photo Enhancement Service

Photo Enhancement – Meaning and Overview

Photo Enhancement also is known, as Image Enhancement is a process of digitally manipulating a stored image or photo by using software tools or techniques such as filters, image editors, and other image enhancement tools.  A few of the basic image enhancement tools range from simply changing the contrast or brightness of the photographs/images or manipulating the grayscale or the red-green/blue color patterns image to black and white or to sepia tone images.


Photo Enhancement Services – What is their role?

Photo enhancement Services are playing a crucial role in business expansion of various sectors of the global economy as almost every business these days are using images for marketing. Professional photo Enhancement Services being provided by the photo editing service providers helps in enhancing the entire look of the digital images thereby attracting more customers or clients.


The process of photo enhancement involves the improvement of the quality of the image or photograph by manipulating the image with latest software techniques. The advanced photo enhancement software allows photo editors for altering images in various ways.


The photo enhancement as an image editing tools helps in rejuvenating the dull looking images or pictures with classy images. Enhancing photos or images also means to bring back to life any old images or photographs with crispier and sharper prints. The images or photographs can be provided with more contrast or annulling the effect of harsh lightening of the original photographs.

Photo Enhancement Services – What are the technologies used

Photo Enhancement Service providers are now using the latest available technologies to provide their customers or clients professional services in quick turnarounds and at competitive rates. The photo enhancement services include using technologies such as-

  • Adobe Photoshop – The majority of photo enhancement service firms use Adobe Photoshop software in addition to proprietary techniques towards density correction in digital images.
  • Digital GEM Technology – The Digital Gem Technology is based on the complex set of proprietary algorithms that are used automatically during the data collection portion of the scanning process. By using this technology, the clarity of the image or photograph is enhanced without affecting the colors, gradation and sharpness of the original photograph.
  • Jasc Paintshop Pro – Paintshop Pro is software and is one of the most popular powerful photo editors used for photo enhancement to create impactful designs. This software allows the professional photo editors to easily retouch, repair and edit photos or images with ease and in less time.

These software and digital technologies when used with other photo imaging techniques transform the images or photographs into dynamic assets for the company marketing its products or services.