An Overview of Evaluation of Photo Editing Services

Photo Editing – A Timeline

Photo editing also known as photo-doctoring dates back to 1860s just a few decades back after Niepce created the first photograph in 1814. During 1910 commercial photographers in their photographic studios created photographic composites of different images to bring the family members together into a picture when in reality these members were not in that particular portrait session.

It was not until the end of 20th century that photography evolved into the digital realm. The emergence of Information Technology in the early 1990s in the form of software products such as Adobe Photoshop has resulted in the revolutionary breakthrough in photo editing services.

Photo Editing Services – An Overview

With the rising technology in photo editing services, there is a norm to give a lot of stress to quantity rather than quality. With the help of advanced photo editing advanced tools, the photo editing service providers or companies are providing impeccable photo editing services to their customers or clients. The techniques such as Digital Photo retouching which, is one of the vital parts of photo editing services can make a photo or image more appealing and attractive.

The digital manipulations being provided by photo editing service providers in removing the photographic errors has emerged as one of the most popular and practical uses of the manipulation techniques. Basic photo editing involves the following processes such as-

• Removing the background
• Creating clipping paths
• Aligning products consistently within the image canvas
• Setting up of consistent margins
• Cropping
• Compressing images
• Setting aspect ratios along with the image width and height
• Converting to file types such as jpeg and png etc

There exists photo editing software and applications or apps with an impressive range of features and are quite affordable. The most popular software being used across the globe by photo editing service providers or firms remains Adobe Photoshop followed by GIMP, Corel Photoshop Pro and others.

With the use of these software techniques and tools, photo editing is no more a time-consuming job or occupation thereby helping photo editing service firms or service providers in decreasing their turnaround times quite drastically.

The photo editing techniques are helping in the restoration of a lot of damaged or photos and images allowing the users of photo editing services to cherish their memories that mean the most for them and in preserving an important part of their living history.