Role of Technology in Image Editing Services

Image Editing – An Overview of its Evolution Process

Image Editing in simple terms is a process of improving/modifying digital or traditional photographic images by using different techniques, tools or software. Image editing is both creative and artistic process and is done for removing unwanted elements such as dust specks, scratches in adjusting the geometry of the image like rotating, cropping, correcting for camera/video lens aberrations, sharpening or softening the image that includes softening and sharpening of the images.

Image Editing helps in enhancing the original images or photographs as per the users/clients requirements. With the emergence of digital technology, image editing has grown rapidly ever since the creations of first photograph in 1814 and with image/photo editing done as early as in 1870. Image editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Xara Designer Pro, and Pixel Style Photo Editor Etc has made it far easier for image editors in editing the images or photographs as per their client/customer requirements.

Image Editing Services – Technologies Involved

The image editing services is being provided by reputed image editing service providers or companies creating striking imagery photos or images. Many image-editing programs are used to render or create best images for the clients and these techniques include-

• Cropping – Cropping involves dividing the images into thirds, horizontally and vertically and then aligning the images with one of the intersecting lines. Cropping an image does not result in the reduction of the resolution of the area cropped.

• Histogram – Image histograms is another technique or technology in which a histogram plots the number of pixels in the image (vertical axis) with a particular brightness value (horizontal axis). The algorithms in the digital editor allow the user to adjust the brightness value of each pixel and to dynamically display the results as adjustments are made.

• Gamma Correction – Gamma correction is a technology that is particularly useful for bringing details that is hard to see on most computer monitors out of shadows, In some image editing software gamma correction is called “curves” usually a tool found in the color menu.

• Dynamic Blending – With dynamic blending image technology involves the photographic process of capturing multiple bracketed exposures of land or cityscape over a specific span of time in a changing natural or artificial lighting environment.

The above-mentioned technologies are used while providing imaged editing services by image editing service providers or firm.